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A digital twin, powered by analytics and simulations, is a virtual counterpart of a real-world asset. It replicates the behaviour and lifecycle of the physical asset through integrated multidomain system simulations. Hybrid digital twins facilitate system design, predictive maintenance, and enhance industrial asset management. Utilizing Ansys Twin Builder can enhance revenue generation, cost management, and help sustain a competitive edge.


Multidomain Systems Modeler

Construct a system employing diverse domains and languages, incorporating hierarchical diagrams of intricate power electronic circuits and multidomain systems. Utilize standardized languages and exchange formats for modeling.

Extensive 0D Application-Specific Libraries

The pre-installed libraries in Twin Builder offer a diverse array of components essential for crafting comprehensive system models.

Third-party Tool Integration

Twin Builder offers robust support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard, allowing you to integrate models from diverse origins into a comprehensive system representation.

Reduced Order Models (ROMs)

Twin Builder combines Ansys’ physics-based simulation technology with 3D simulations, represented as reduced order models (ROMs), to integrate detailed simulations into the broader systems context. This approach produces precise and effective system-level models.

Embedded Software Integration

Twin Builder seamlessly incorporates embedded control software and HMI design, facilitating model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop workflows. These enable the testing of embedded controls’ performance alongside models of the physical system.

System Optimization Tools

System performance optimization can be achieved by leveraging cost functions associated with designated design variables, either through embedded algorithms or in conjunction with Ansys DesignXplorer and Ansys optiSLang.

XIL Integration

Various methods are available in Twin Builder for incorporating software into a physical model. These include costimulation for model-in-the-loop (MiL) applications, used for designing and fine-tuning control strategies, as well as code import for software-in-the-loop (SiL) validation, which verifies the real embedded code within the virtual system.

Digital Twin Products

Digital Twin

Twin Builder

Our integrated multidomain systems modeling platform offers comprehensive application-specific libraries, seamless third-party tool integration, advanced optimization tools for efficient design and validation, rapid HMI prototyping, and IIoT connectivity for real-time deployment.


Industrial Flow Network
Ansys Digital Twin for flow networks to integrate model-based design, simulation and actual asset performance.
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Environment Pollution Control
Design and optimize technologies that reduce emissions, energy use and waste.
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Heat Exchangers
Optimize heat exchanger design for performance and energy efficiency, material selection, durability and life prediction under harsh conditions.
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Rotating Machinery
Ansys offers state-of-the-art software to help design a wide variety of rotating machinery equipment. Whether you are developing fans, pumps, compressors or turbines, Ansys simulation software allows you to quickly iterate and improve on designs.
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Gas Liquid Systems
Use simulation to efficiently scale up gas-liquid process equipment, maximizing yield and improving productivity.
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Electric Motors
Full system integration from the concept design stages to analysis optimization and verification.
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Wind Turbines
Comprehensive wind turbine simulation, from embedded software to siting, predictive maintenance and digital twins.
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Power Electronics
Power electronics systems are complex. Simulation provides the tools to efficiently solve high-level design challenges, improve performance and drive innovation.
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