Ansys Connect stands as the sole open ecosystem-driven solution, leveraging top-tier software for various capabilities such as materials, optimization, MBSE, and SPDM. This platform facilitates widespread simulation integration across a broader spectrum of the product development.



Enable MBSE

Connect System architecture models to any engineering analysis, perform trade-off studies (Cost, performance, reliability, etc.) and conduct requirements verification.

Automate and Orchestrate

Ansys optiSLang automates and orchestrates simulation workflows across diverse CAX tools, enhancing innovation. It connects with other tools via scripting or custom integrations and supports CAD, CAE, scripting, desktop apps, and high-performance computing strategies.


Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis helps you understand the design, focus on key parameters, check your response variation’s forecast quality and automatically generate your optimum metamode.

Automation and Integration

ModelCenter automates engineering and cost analysis software applications, streamlining repeatable workflows. Its intuitive interface enables easy creation, maintenance, and updating of automated processes without complex programming.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Engineers link ModelCenter workflows with system engineering models from Ansys SAM, Dassault/NoMagic’s MagicDraw/Cameo, IBM’s Rhapsody, Vitech Genesys, and PTC’s Windchill Modeler. This integration validates requirements, optimizes designs, and supports Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), reducing cost and risk in complex system design.


Data Management

Ansys Minerva’s user-friendly interface efficiently manages vast simulation data. It enables visualization and monitoring through advanced Configuration Management features like Version control, Lifecycles, Release Management, Branching, Workflows, Comparisons, and Digital Thread Graphs. These customizable functionalities align with unique business needs.


Process Management

Ansys Minerva’s role-based dashboards provide real-time updates for informed decision-making. Its features like Tasks, Work Requests, and projects organize engineering tasks, while notifications and discussions facilitate team collaboration and communication.

Connect Products


Ansys optiSLang

Ansys optiSLang is a process integration and design optimization software that automates the robust design optimization process. It connects multiple CAx tools and various physics into a holistic, multi-disciplinary optimization approach. With its vendor-agnostic architecture, optiSLang integrates with many CAE tools, leveraging AI and machine learning for advanced optimization. It helps understand design robustness, quantify manufacturing risks, and improve product. reliability before production.


Ansys ModelCenter

ModelCenter is designed to flexibly implement Model-Based Engineering processes, offering a vendor-neutral software platform that streamlines the creation and automation of multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and facilitating Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) practices. Trusted by leading global organizations, ModelCenter drives cost reduction, enhances engineering efficiency, fosters innovation, and promotes the development of competitive products.


Ansys Minerva

Ansys Minerva serves as a comprehensive enterprise-level solution for managing simulation processes and data collaboratively. It offers seamless interoperability with leading CAD, CAE, and PLM tools, enabling multiple users to access shared files, create work requests, and manage simulation projects efficiently. With Ansys Minerva, teams can configure, initiate, and oversee data flow from various local applications, allowing each member to work with familiar programs and workflows while ensuring effective collaboration. Automatic data extraction ensures traceability, while built-in messaging simplifies communication and enhances collaboration efforts.


Industrial Machinery
ANSYS Minerva assists in optimizing industrial machinery by integrating simulation data to improve design efficiency, performance, and reliability. It streamlines collaboration, accelerates decision-making, and enhances the development process, ultimately leading to more robust and cost-effective machinery solutions.
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Avionics and Flight Controls
ANSYS Minerva streamlines avionics and flight control development by integrating simulation data. It optimizes system designs, validates algorithms, and enhances performance while ensuring compliance and reducing development time.
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Medical Devices
In the medical devices industry, ANSYS Minerva facilitates efficient collaboration and decision-making by integrating simulation data. It supports the design and optimization of medical devices such as implants and prosthetics, enabling engineers to ensure product safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance while accelerating time-to-market through streamlined workflows and knowledge management.
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Gas Turbines
In gas turbine applications, ANSYS Minerva can streamline the design process by integrating simulation data to optimize turbine performance, efficiency, and durability. It facilitates collaboration among engineers, enabling them to leverage simulation insights to make informed decisions and iterate on design improvements.
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missile systems
Missile Systems
Optimize the aerodynamic shape of the missile, including its fins, nose cone, and body geometry, to minimize drag, enhance stability, and improve flight characteristics such as maneuverability and control authority. Optimize the structural design of missile components to reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity and stiffness, leading to improvements in performance, agility, and maneuverability.
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Supersonic Aircraft
Integration of multifidelity multidisciplinary computer codes for design and analysis of supersonic aircraft.
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Optical Sytems
Create an automated workflow for STOP(Structural-Thermal- Optical-Performance) Analysis and leverage cutting edge AI-based optimization algorithms to obtain the optimized optical systems.
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Phased Array Antenna
Applying Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) to the development of phased array antenna models to improve design time and quality.
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