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Engineering simulation presents a vast array of opportunities, with simulation software serving as a crucial component. Established in 2007, CADFEM India offers a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at bolstering your simulation endeavours. With CADFEM Group’s main headquarters located in Germany and a local headquarters in Hyderabad, we provide industry-leading software, IT solutions, expert support, consulting services, and knowledge transfer, serving as your go-to destination for all your simulation requirements.

With decades of experience, we’re proud partners with Ansys, the global leader in simulation software for over 40 years. Trusted by the likes of thousands of customers worldwide, we offer access to a vast library of simulation tools covering all physics. No matter your industry or engineering discipline, CADFEM India has the solution to help you optimize your designs, end-to-end.

As a founding member of the TechNet Alliance, we tap into a global network of over 1,000 CAE experts. This collaboration across 50+ companies in 20+ countries ensure you have access to the deepest pool of simulation knowledge available.









What Sets Us Apart?

At CADFEM India, our people are the foundation of our success. We foster a culture of trust, fairness, and respect because we know happy and engaged employees are essential for long-term growth.

We take a long view, prioritizing sustainable success over short-term gains. This allows us to invest in our people and create a rewarding work environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

We’re transitioning into a digital engineering solutions company, emphasizing the importance of simulation, automation, and process optimization in product development. Our aim is to inspire and empower customers to push the boundaries in every engineering domain, facilitating the disruption of conventional practices. Virtualization, numerical simulations, and other digital avenues serve as definitive tools to keep pace with technological transformations.


Explore our extensive range of CAE simulation services, leveraging the Ansys platform. Uncover our comprehensive Ansys software portfolio, featuring cutting-edge solutions tailored to address diverse simulation requirements across various industries.


We go beyond just software, providing consulting, support, and automation to help you maximize the potential of simulation in your product development.

Learning & Development

We at CADFEM India provide comprehensive training options and Ansys, from basic to advanced levels to help engineers sustain and upskill themselves.

Hardware & IT Services

We offer hardware and IT solutions to ensure you have the technology infrastructure needed for optimizing your simulation software’s performance.

CADFEM and Ansys

Since 1985, we’ve maintained a strong partnership with Ansys, the world’s leading developer of simulation technology. As an Elite channel partner, CADFEM India plays a pivotal role where we not only distribute Ansys software but also offer comprehensive user support. Our direct line to Ansys development ensures customer feedback shapes software evolution, while our own technological innovations often integrate into Ansys solutions, enriching the simulation experience for global users.


Explore how Simulation driven Product Development Cycle enhances your Product development process which can help to save time, costs and fasten the release to the market, fostering increased product innovation with improved R&D efficiency, managing product complexity and elevated product quality.

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